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[SIDE STORY] Choices

Setting: Company manager Okada's office, early afternoon, one year before the game is released
Summary: Junno chooses risk over certainty.
Notes: part of the backstory; takes place a year before "Paraiso" is released and the RPG starts. G, no warnings.

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Iriguchi, Deguchi, Taguchi desu!

Name: Taguchi Junnosuke (田口淳之介)
Character Type: In-Game Character (IGC)
Birth Date: November 29
Current Age: 23
Height: 1,81m
Blood Type: AB


About Taguchi Junnosuke

Junno is a game developer and programmer. He's part of the team behind Paraiso, and part of his job involves entering the game world to check that everything is running as it should. He reports back to the real world with information on the performance of the program, fixes bugs, and designs and implements additional features as they become necessary. Since Junno loves virtual reality games, he also considers that he is in Paraiso to have fun - and at times, he feels an almost proprietorial fondness for this game world in particular, which he helped to create.

Outside of the game world, Junno is paraplegic: He's been confined to a wheelchair ever since an accident in his early teens. This is one of the reasons he initially became interested in virtual reality games, which allow him to escape the limitations of his body. Presumably this is also part of the reason why his nen ability takes the form it does.

Nen Type: Reinforcement

Nen Ability:

Junno's nen enhances his speed, strength and endurance as well as his physical coordination, reflexes and flexibility. It also enables him to heal rapidly from injuries.

At maximum force, his ability allows Junno to be 10 times faster, stronger and more acrobatic than a regular person could be, and even allows him to seemingly defy gravity (making for both amazingly elaborate saltos and backflips and the ability to run up walls). However, Junno cannot use his reinforced abilities for extended periods of time. At maximum force, his nen will be depleted after 16 minutes; he won't be able to use it again until he gets at least six hours of sleep, allowing it to recharge. At lesser force, Junno can use his abilities for longer periods of time - 32 minutes at half strength, and so on.

Junno's nen also strengthens his body's healing. He can heal very minor wounds such as scratches within minutes. More severe injuries take hours – a simple fracture of the leg will take around 4 hours, for example, whereas a complicated fracture with tissue injury will take at least 8. Very severe injuries, particularly to internal organs, will take days.

When Junno sustains severe injuries, Junno's nen will automatically focus completely on healing in the attempt to keep him alive; this is an involuntary reaction Junno can't prevent, and means that Junno will fall asleep almost instantly when seriously wounded.


Plotting and relationships


Please comment here for plotting purposes! I am very happy to plot with other characters, be they GCs or IGCs - and Junno is generally very personable, too. :-)



Cards currently inside the book:

Free Pocket

Object Cards
- Sleeping bag
- First aid kit
- Bottle of water
- Food for one meal

Spell Cards
- Card no. 1001: Steal
- Card no. 1003: Defensive Wall
- Card no. 1006: Pick Pocket
- Card no. 1008: Trade
- Card no. 1027: Trace

Designated Pocket

The pocket is empty.



Junno questing

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